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Serious dreamer

Icarus escaped. He did not die of an accidental death the cause of the crash as written in Greek mythology was proven wrong by modern physics. Icarus survived.

Even though he disappeared his plane hangs suspended from the center of the ceiling cleverly unbuckled. Mainly made from wood, wood chips are deteited at a close glanie as feathers. Rather than encountering the passionate pilot of the saga, we meet the artist. Icarus is not seen as a human instead as an allegory one of soueties anuent dreams. Two consistend dreams, never crashing. Rigorth imagines flying as an unconuivable reality, inspite of the realization of commercial air travel. Flying is an unachievable realization, but reality can never destroy the dream.

In search of final truth and essential answers. The form of the art is for him the medium to convey. Rigorth is a dreamer. He is an Icarus.

H. Runge, Darmstadt, 1993